Pine Resin Pure Natural Fresh


Product 100 % Natural without any additive.

Ideal for making Retsina wine

Our resin is extracted in Greece from the “Pinus Halepsins“  and is in a raw, natural and pure state.

Maybe it has impurities from the bark of the tree. The color is variable and the smell is intense. White or light yelow. The smell is great and pure !!!

Greek Aleppo pine resin is considered one of the best in the world.

  • 450 grams or 15,8oz
  • 950 grams or 33.5 oz
  • 1900 grams or 67 oz

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Resin is a secretion typical of plant species, more abundant in resinous species, expelled when they suffer damage or injury to the trunks / branches. It is a translucent, sticky viscous liquid, brownish yellow in color ( when extracted from the tree it has a whitish appearance ) and with a distinctive smell. The purpose of the resin is to protect the tree from aggressions in the environment, stimulate healing, regulate growth and repellant of herbivores.

The resin is a complex mixture of organic components, terpenes, insoluble in water, but soluble in certain organic solvents, such as hydrocarbons, ether and ethanol.After clean and distilled it gives rise to Pure gum spirits of turpentine and pure gum rosin.

To clean the sap you can heat it in a water bath ( Avoid touching the flame ) and then pass it through a filter to remove impurities from the tree.

When you heat up the sap will become liquid.

Attention: The product is flammable.

Note :  The text below is not intended for medical advice or personal use. It simply indicates some uses of the raw resin.

It is common knowledge to be very effective in treating stomach ulcers and rheumatoid arthritis. Pine tree sap medicinal uses are common to locals, but modern medical experts have not verified the medicinal benefits of pine resin, yet.

Besides pine sap medicinal uses, there are other survival uses and even commercial uses for pine resin. One is the sale and manufacture of pine resin incense which is an effective natural mosquito repellent. Help yourself to more uses for pine resin.

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