Home made "Retsina wine" White wine with pine resin


A few words about Retsina Retsina

Is the most famous traditional Greek wine. For several years it was the most famous type of Greek wine, to the point that its reputation - not always positive - overshadows well-known Greek wines and place names.

Preparation process and proportions

The resin should be added as early as possible (before the start of the alcoholic fermentation). The resin is added at the same time together with the must to the barrels before the beginning of the fermentation, mashing it with a small amount of must. The added quantity should not exceed 0.5 to 1%,  The rest falls like sediment. Empirical Ratio: 100 - 300gr resin at most, per 100 kg of must.

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  • 450 grams or 15,8oz
  • 950 grams or 33.5 oz
  • 1900 grams or 67 oz

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Many people make it in a ratio of up to 150-300 gr, at 250 kg, but in the end it depends on how "heavy or light" we want it, and, they add it on the second or third day when the intense boiling of the must begins, in a «plain fabric» hung for at least 10-15 days and some maybe until closing. So what is to take the must will take it and then the fabric and the resin are removed because it does not make sense to have pieces in the barrel. Not all grapes are made of retsina, but only certain whites, such as savatiano and roditis.

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